About Bakala energy

I had the privilege of learning about the culture and dance of the Congo and other African countries, with the dancer and choreographer Yvon Nana-Kouala.

Yvon is not simply an incredible dancer, he is also an excellent teacher, with an incredible ability to convey knowledge. With him I learned about bakala energy. A word Kituba, which represents man, the sun and all the aggressive energy we have in life. Its opposite, is nkento, that represents the woman, the moon and all the suits movements.

The congolese dance (and many others in Africa) is full of bakala energy, but it alternates with the nkento, like a heart beat. No one can be predominantly in a state of anger and tension. The beauty of what I have learned from this dance is that it also applies to our daily life, because in kina we learn to harness ourselves from bakala energy, redirect it or integrate it to our advantage.

For the Congolese, dance is the center of life, of the world, it is their vibration with the universe. They put dancing into everything they do, see harmonious movement in everything that exists and that’s the most beautiful thought I’ve heard in years.

Merci beaucoup.



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